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What is Tordx?

Tordx is a gaming platform that allows you to play all kinds of games without downloading, and it is completely safe. For more, please check About page.

Is Tordx safe?

Tordx is a safe and secure site, the safety of our users is one of our priorities.

Does Tordx have a mobile app?

We don't have any mobile app yet.

How can I upload a game to Tordx as a developer?

We are very excited to work with you and to be one of our success partners. Please contact us and our specialists will contact you as soon as possible.

One of the games has stopped working, what should I do?

Almost all of our games always work without stopping, but it may happen by mistake that some of them stop, so please contact us and we will fix it as soon as possible and we will be grateful to you for your help.

Is Tordx compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, our platforms are compatible with mobile devices and almost all other devices.

What is Swipe?

In Swipe, you can navigate the world of casual games and play the best of them in an unusual and extremely smooth way!

What is Explore?

Do you want to play a new game but don't know which one? Well, then the place you should go is Explore. You can quickly browse the best games there. Our algorithms are constantly developing to show you the games that we think will suit you there.

What is your privacy policy?

We have a page detailing all of our privacy policies which you can visit by clicking here.

Is copyright protection important to Tordx?

Definitely! We do our best to protect the rights of every entity and person. For more details, please click here.