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Dominoes FRVR

Dominoes FRVR is a casual domino game where you can enjoy the famous dominoes game with fun modes and various customizations for you.

How to play

Choose the mode that suits you, then click "Play", and start playing fun dominoes!


Left click on the domino you want to play and then another left click on the place you want to play it.


The game modes are fast, draw, block, and all fives.

Collect coins

Coins are collected by getting rewards after each win.


Through the shop you can customize the color, pattern and tiles.

Sound effects.

Click on "Menu", then click the toggle sound effects button to turn on/off the sound effects.


Click on "Menu", then click the toggle music button to turn on/off the music.


Dominoes FRVR is well compatible with desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.


You need 300 MB of free RAM and a good internet connection to run the game.


FRVR developed the game.

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