Italian Trulli ๐Ÿช‚
212 Plays is a multiplayer battle royale game where you are dropped into the battlefield to kill opponents and be the last one standing.

How to play

Click on "Solo" to start battle royale.


Movement (WASD), Attack (Left click), Interact (E), Reload(R), and Switch items (1,2,3,4,5, and 6 keys).


The game weapons are blowgun, bow and arrow, blunderbuss, boomerang, explosive crossbow, sword and shield, spear, dagger, heavy mace, and more.

Ranged weapons

The game ranged weapons are blowgun, bow and arrow, blunderbuss, boomerang, and explosive crossbow,.

Melee weapons

The game melee weapons are sword and shield, spear, dagger, heavy mace, hammer, and double-bladed axe.

Magic weapons

The game magic weapons are lightning staff, poison staff, fire staff, meteor staff, ice staff, boulder staff, and magical feather.


The game's medical items are apple, mana berry, big mana berry, meat stack, armor potion, coconut, and panacea.


The game accessory items are frozen belt, void shield, ninja tabi, ramming horns, mana charm, and chest plate.

Ammo Types

The game ammo types are arrows, pellets, and mana.


The game cosmetics are skins, arms, backs, and chutes.


The game skins are automaton, afro, alien, fishman, amazon (witch), ancient vampire, barbarian, bat (arctic), enchanted toilet, esqueleto, and more.


The game arms are alien arms, ancient ancient arms, berserker arms, brain tentacles, cosmic moth arms, carb claws, dark sage arms, and more.


The game backs are anchor, angel wings, back bow, dog tail, croc tail, floppa melon, huntress bow, guitar, goblin child, kappa shell, and more.


The game chutes are baby dragon, bat wings, boulder chute, candy corn glider, da vinci glider, enchanted broom, flying carpet, nimbus, and more.

Collect coppers

You can collect coppers by collecting quest rewards, leveling up, getting a good position in matches, and more.

Play with friends

Click on "Make team" and Copy your Invite link and share it with your friend, who should go to "Join team" and put the code in "Invite code" so you can play together.

Create account

Click on "Login", and choose the account creation method between Facebook, or Google to create your account.


To move, use WASD keys.


To attack, use left click.


To interact, use E key.


To jump, use spacebar.


To reload, use R key.

Open map

To open map, use M key.

Show emote

To show emote, use right click.

Toggle mini map

To toggle mini map, use V key.

Switch items

To switch items, use 1,2,3,4,5, and 6 keys.

Platforms works on desktop only.

Requirements requires free 500 MB RAM and a good internet connection to run.


The game was developed by Thelast Studio.

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