Italian Trulli 🦍
230 Plays is an endless multiplayer royale game where you can play as a gorilla, compete against other players and creatures and try to win!

How to play

Click on β€œPlay Apes” and you will find yourself falling from the sky. Land in the area you want to start the endless royale.


Movement (WASD), Shoot (Left click), Aim (Right click), Jump (Space), Roll (Shift), Reload (R), Inventory (Tab), Switch Weapons (Q/1/2).

Create account

Click on β€œRegister Username”, fill in the required fields, then click on β€œRegister”, and you will receive a link via your email. Click on it to confirm your email and create the account.


To move use WASD keys.


To shoot use left click.


To scope use right click.


To jump use spacebar.


To roll use shift key.


To reload use R key.

Open inventory

To open inventory use tab key.

Switch Weapons

To switch between weapons use Q/1/2 keys.

Open map

To open map use M key.

Pick up items

To pick up items use E key.

Platforms works on desktop devices only.

Requirements requires free 700 MB RAM and a good internet connection to run.


Nicholas Kissel developed the game.

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