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579 Plays is a multiplayer survival game like Minecraft where you have to survive while collecting resources, and fighting enemies.

How to play

Put your name in the “Nick Name” field and click “Play” to try to survive.


Movement (WASD or arrows), Shoot (left click), Switch slots (1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8 keys), and Interact (right click).


The game modes are survival, creative, skywars, bedwars, skyblock, deathmatch, oneblock, hide & seek, zombies, amongUs, duels, spleef, maze, and more.


The game skins are iron man, demogorgon, cool panda, crying villager, ghillie suit, evil dream, sheep, spider doga, zombie creeper, direwolf and more.

Collect ruby

You can collect ruby while crafting and trying to survive in


You can trade many things in the game while playing with players. You can give what you don't need in exchange for what you need.


To move, use WASD or arrows keys.


To shoot, use left click.

Switch slots

To switch slots, use 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8 keys.

Open inventory

To open inventory, use E key.


To interact, use right click.


To fly, use spacebar key.


To run, use spacebar key.


To chat, use T key.

Pickup item

To Pickup item, use Z key.


There is an island and you need to kill your opponent.


Like skywars but with islands, but you need to protect your bed on it and destroy the opponent's bed.


You appear on an island in the sky, all you have is a couple of trees and a cave portal. You need to develop and build your island in the sky. Create from nothing a whole paradise in the sky, dangerous farm, shop or just a cozy house!


You appear on an island in the sky. You need mine central block to get new random blocks. Try to build a house from random mined resources!

Hide & Seek

You look like a block for a seeker. You need to hide yourself in other blocks and don't let the seeker find you.

Capture the Point

You need to capture and hold all points and earn a score to win the game.


You need to survive as many zombie waves as you can. Each wave of zombies becomes more powerful.


Like a real Among Us game, complete tasks with crewmates and find impostors.


Just a duel with 2 or 4 players, it is available in Creative and Survival modes.


Infinite battle with instant shooting crossbows, show who is boss here!


Like in the good old times, where this game was on every Minecraft server. You need to dig a block of sand under your opponent and let him fall.


You need to find a path to exit a maze.


You can do anything in your world. You have infinite resources and you are invisible. You can place any block, spawn any mob and use any command.

Survival PvE

You need to survive against hostile mobs, eat food and craft armor and enchant your gear to protect yourself from death.

Survival PvP

The same as PvE but you need to protect yourself from other players too.


Public world for all players with a safe zone at the center.


Be careful, it's too hot and dangerous.


The world with the boss - Ender Dragon. Beat the boss to unlock the portal to End City and elytra.


Here you need to mine ores and find chests with rare loot.


The same as a cave but with bosses, be careful they are too powerful.

Add friend

Click on “Friends”, then click on “Search for Players”, put your friend’s nickname, then click on the “Friends Icon” that will appear next to your friend’s name to add your friend.

Create account

Click on “Log in”, then click on “Register”, enter the required information, click on “Register” and the account will be created.


The game is well compatible with desktop, mobile and tablet devices.


You need 600 MB of free RAM and a good internet connection to run


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