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Driver FRVR

Driver FRVR is an endless driving game where you will be a driver and you will have to transport passengers to their destination safely.

How to play

Click "Let's Go" to start avoiding obstacles on the road and to take passengers to their destination and try to drive the longest distance.


Go left (Left arrow), Go right (Right arrow), Jump (Up arrow), Go right (Down arrow).


The shop allows you to purchase many different vehicles through the keys you receive while driving.

Collect coins and keys

Collect coins and keys while driving. You can collect coins and keys on the way or get coins while transporting passengers to their destination.

Sound effects

Click on "Menu", then click the toggle sound effects button to turn on/off the sound effects.


Click on "Menu", then click the toggle music button to turn on/off the music.

Go left

To go left, use left arrow key or swipe left.

Go right

To go right, use right arrow or swipe right.


To jump, use up arrow key or swipe up.


To brake, use down arrow key or swipe down.


Driver FRVR is well compatible with desktop, mobile and tablet devices.


Driver FRVR requires free 200 MB RAM and a good internet connection to run.


The game was created by FRVR.

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