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264 Plays is a multiplayer game based on Minecraft where you can mine resources, build a base, buy energy generators and sell energy.

How to play

Your mission in this game is to mine a variety of resources, buy tools, armor, automatic miners, generators and sell energy to get money.


Movement (WASD or Arrows), Hit (Left click), Boost (Left shop), Open shop (E).


The game resources are coal, iron, gold, diamond and uranium.

Tools tools are wooden pickaxe, iron pickaxe, golden pickaxe, diamond pickaxe, drill, diamond drill and wrench.


The game armors are leather armor, iron armor, golden armor, diamond armor, nano armor and quantum armor.


The game potions are regeneration, regeneration ii and regeneration iii.

Miners miners are coal miner, iron miner, gold miner, diamond miner and uranium miner.

Generators generators are manual generator, solar generator, advanced solar generator, wind generator, coal generator, geothermal generator, water turbine and nuclear generator.


The game sellers are manual seller, small seller, big seller, coal seller, golden seller and diamond seller.


The game defenses are bed block, iron block, obsidian block, reinforced stone, reinforced stonereinforced stone, tesla coil 2000 and tesla coil 3000.


To move, use WASD keys or arrow keys.


To hit, use left click.


To boost, use left shift.

Open shop

To open the shop menu, use E.

Platforms works on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.


The game requires free 200 MB RAM and a good internet connection to run.

Developer is developed by Savelev Aleksandr.

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