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Pool Rush FRVR 🎱
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Pool Rush FRVR

Pool Rush FRVR is an endless pool game! Insert as many balls as possible into the side pockets without losing to achieve the highest score!

How to play

Your mission in this game is to insert the balls around you into the pockets to score points.


Drag using left click and release to shoot.

Collect coins

You are rewarded with coins after pocketing all the balls or making the ball pass over the coins around you.

Restart level

Click on "Menu", then click on "Restart Level" to restart your level.

Sound effects

Click on "Menu", then click the toggle sound effects button to turn on/off the sound effects.


Click on "Menu", then click the toggle music button to turn on/off the music.


The game supports desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.


Pool Rush FRVR requires free 100 MB RAM and a good internet connection to run.


FRVR developed the game.

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