Italian Trulli ๐Ÿ”ซ
146 Plays is a 2D multiplayer shooting game where you can fight your opponents using your favorite weapon or tank in various modes!

How to play

Click on "Play", and start fighting opponents using weapons or vehicles.


Movement (WASD or Arrows), Shoot (Left click), Reload (R), Interact (E), Switch weapons (Number buttons).


The Game modes are team deathmatch, capture the flag, control points, hardpoint, free for all, gun game, kill confirmed, payload, upload, and more.

Weapons weapons are 9mm SMG, micro SMG, P50, vector, M4, AK47, scar, falcon, FAMAS, M249, pump shotgun, sawed-off ghotgun, and more.

Side Weapons

The side weapons are 1912, deagle, 75 auto, revolver, 9mm burst, crossbow, flintlock, and shuriken.


The game maps are riverside, crossroads, westlands, the compound, canal, islands, the heist, jailbreak, and campsite.


The game vehicles are jeep, tank, boat, and ATV.


The game throwables are rocket launcher, frag grenade, anti-tank mine, flash grenade, sticky bomb, smoke grenade, and C4.


The game perks are kevlar armor, sprinter, quick hands, armed, kill regen, extended magazines, quick-load magazines, overkill, full pockets, and more.


The game chests are common chest, rare chest, epic chest, and legendary chest.


The game hats are purple hoodle, football, construction, pirate, ushanka, afro, birthday, firefighter, creen camo, sand camo, flat earther, and more.

Melee skins

The game melee skins are mittens, werewolf, fan gloves, metal, medical gloves, duck flippers, white gloves, green gloves, purple gloves, and more.

Special items

The special items are ammo pack, health pack, repair gun, deployable wall, and trophy system.

Collect coins

You can get coins by playing, completing challenges, and by purchasing.


Through the shop you can buy gems, chests, hats, melee, and emotes.

Play with friends

Click on "Create Party", a link will appear, copy it and share it with your friends so you can play together.

Create account

Click "Sign in", and choose the account creation method between Gmail, Facebook, or Twitch to create your account.


To move, use WASD or arrow keys.


To shoot, use left click.


To reload, use R key.


To interact, use E key.

Switch weapons

To switch between weapons, number buttons.

Open minimap

To open minimap, use M key.


To drift, use spacebar.


To use emotes, press right click.

Platforms supports desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.


You need 600 of free RAM and a good internet connection to run the game.


The game was developed by Sarunas Visockas.

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