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Diamond Run FRVR ๐Ÿ’Ž
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Diamond Run FRVR

Diamond Run FRVR is a casual scoring game where you will be a miner and have to throw diamonds on fast wagons to score and cross the level.

How to play

Use left click to start scoring diamonds into the wagons.


To throw the diamonds into the cart, use left click.

Restart level

Click "Menu", then click "Restart Level" to restart your level.

Sound effects

Click on "Menu", then click the toggle sound effects button to turn on/off the sound effects.


Click on "Menu", then click the toggle music button to turn on/off the music.


The game works on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.


You need 200 MB of free RAM and a good internet connection to run Diamond Run FRVR.


Diamond Run FRVR is developed by FRVR.

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