Italian Trulli πŸ‘‘
245 Plays is a multiplayer strategy game where you will command an army and have to protect your general and capture rival generals

How to play

Click "Play", then choose your appropriate mode and start protecting your general and take control of land.


Movement (WASD, Arrows or Left Click), Deselect square (Spacebar), Undo Move(E), Chat(Enter), and Zoom in/out (Mouse scroll).


The game modes are free for all, 1v1, 2v2, and custom mode.


The game maps are 1x maps, plots maps, and fantasy maps.

1x maps

The game 1x maps are bogless monsters, 1v1 ultimate, 3v4 bog monsters+, 3v4 bog monsters, and vizion.

Plots maps

The game plots maps are plots, plots lazerpent, plots light, close quarters plots, and lit close quarters plots.

Fantasy maps

The game fantasy maps are arkadia, mini arkadia, and the war of classes.

Play with friends

Click "Play", click "Custom", and then click on "Create custom game". Customize the game, then copy the game link to share with your friends to play together.


To move, use left click or click on a tile you own, then use WASD or arrow keys.


To interact, use left click.

Deselect square

To deselect square, use spacebar.

Undo Move

To undo move, use E key.

Clear Queued Moves

To clear queued moves, use Q key.


To chat, use enter.


To teamchat, use T key.

Zoom in/out

To zoom in/out, use mouse scroll.

Platforms is well compatible with desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

Requirements requires free 200 MB RAM and a good internet connection to run.

Developer is developed by MUGA Gaming.

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